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    Induction of 2017 Officers last January 2017 by Hans B. Sicat, President & CEO, The Philippine Stock Exchange Inc. On photo (L-R) Hans B. Sicat, Deanno J. Basas, Josefina T. Tuplano, J Vincent R. Daffon, Noel S. Reyes, Frederico Rafael D. Ocampo

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    FMAP Officers visiting the Bureau of the Treasury to meet National Treasurer Rosalia De Leon last February 20, 2017

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    FMAP Officers and Members with Chief Economist and Undersecretary for Proposed Strategy, Economics, and Results Group of the Department of Finance

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    FMAP Convention 2017

  • 1935

    FMAP Convention 2017

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    FMAP Convention 2017

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    FMAP Convention 2017

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    FMAP meets with Insurance Commissioner Dennis Funa - July 17, 2017

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    FMAP Meeting on August 7, 2017 with Philippine Stock Exchange - Mr. Ramon S. Monzon, President, Chief Executive Office & Director, and; Mr. Roel Arco Refran, Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President

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    FMAP September GMM; Left to Right: Jaycob Yedra, AP Securities, Inc.; Fritz Ocampo, FMAP Treasurer; Bryde Ong, AP Securities, Inc.; Jose Franco Soberano, CLI SVP & COO; Stephen Tan, CLI CFO; Deanno Basas, FMAP President; Joy Tuplano, FMAP Trustee; Rachelle Cruz, AP Securities, Inc.; Vince Daffon, FMAP Trustee;

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Published in the Manila Times on May 18, 2017

newspaper 20th anniv



Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 FMAP Awards Night!



Fund Managers Back Bill on Collective Investment Scheme


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