ESG – the New Requirement for the New Normal

Environmental, Social, and Governance—three words that are beginning to play a significant role in investment decisions. ESG is a class of investing known as sustainable investing. Aside from financial metrics, investors take into account non-financial performance indicators which focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance risks. Environmental risks include the potential negative impact that business activities […]

Adoption of Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct by FMAP

EMAILED STATEMENT of CFASP President and Chairman – 14 July 2020 From: Ramos, Robert Rol Richard Raymond B. To: [email protected] The adoption by the Fund Managers Association of the Philippines of the CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct highlights the dedication of the Philippine asset management industry in putting investors first. The […]

Thank You!

Dear One and All, Peace! FMAP’s 13th Annual Convention concluded two days ago. To say the least, it was a success – by God’s grace! Allow us to take this opportunity to THANK EACH ONE OF YOU – for you participation and full cooperation. The SUCCESS of the FMAP Convention would not have been possible […]

Board of Directors endorsing BPI Philippine Fixed Income Indexes

The FMAP Board of Directors is now officially endorsing the BPI Philippine Fixed Income Indexes with the help of BPI Investment Management Inc. as the calculating agent to provide guidance for the measurement of performance in fund management.  You can find the index announcements at