FMAP Resource Archive: Content Submission Mechanics

Good day fellow Fund Managers. Thank you once again for your support of FMAP’s initiative to promote financial literacy and increased learning. Outlined below are the specific mechanics for consideration and acceptance into the archive. Should be informational Can contain the contributor firm’s brand (to give due credit) Cannot be focused on/promoting a specific strategy […]

Update on BPI Index Website

Dear FMAP Members, Good day! Please note that the BPI Index website is under construction as of the moment and thus, will be unavailable for the time being. In the meantime, we may send to you the month-end index levels in PDF format for your reference. We will inform you as soon as the BPI […]

2020 FMAP Bankers and Brokers Poll Results

It is with great pleasure that we announce the results of the 2020 Bankers and Brokers Poll. Celebrating with the Awardees, Congratulations to all Winners! Merry Christmas to All! Previous Next

ESG – the New Requirement for the New Normal

Environmental, Social, and Governance—three words that are beginning to play a significant role in investment decisions. ESG is a class of investing known as sustainable investing. Aside from financial metrics, investors take into account non-financial performance indicators which focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance risks. Environmental risks include the potential negative impact that business activities […]